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Tenant Information

SE Properties recommends that all prospective Tenants view the property internally and externally before submitting an application.  Properties are let as seen at the time of viewing unless otherwise stated.  Tenants who apply for a property are agreeing that they are satisfied with the condition and the contents of the property.


Application for Tenancy


All prospective Tenants must be aged 18 or over and are required to complete an application form to apply for a Tenancy.  All individuals residing in the property will need to apply for a Tenancy.


Right to Rent


All prospective Tenants will need to provide identification documents when submitting their application.  Copies will be taken and kept on file for the duration of the Tenancy.




An application fee will be payable upon receipt of completed application forms.  All applications fees are non-refundable.  SE Properties will then contact employers, landlords, character referees and conduct a credit search via Equifax.


Tenancy Duration


All Tenancies issued are for an initial term of six months under an Assured Shorthold Tenancy.  A renewal of the initial fixed term agreement may be negotiated with the Landlord after the initial six month Tenancy expires.


Rent & Deposit


A deposit is payable prior to occupation of the property, together with one month's rent payable in advance.  An administration fee is also payable prior to the date of occupation.  Please note we must have cleared funds on the day of occupation.  Fees can be paid by bank transfer (any funds being made by bank transfer must be paid 3 days in advance) or cash payment.

The deposit is held for the duration of the Tenancy and will be protected by The Deposit Protection Service.  At the end of the Tenancy, subject to no rent arrears, administration charges for late rent payment, maintenance issues or repairs caused during the period of the Tenancy, the deposit will be refunded.  The property should be left in a clean and tidy manner.


Monthly Rental Payments


Rental payments are to be made by standing order or cash payments, monthly in advance.  The rent due date will be the same date your Tenancy commenced for the entire period of the Tenancy.  Please note that if the rent payment is not received on or before the due date, a late payment fee may be incurred.  Tenants are jointly and severally responsible for the rent payment for the period stated on the Tenancy Agreement.




Tenants are responsible for the payment of gas, electricity, water rates, council tax, telephone and television licence fees in addition to rent.




Should you own a pet, please discuss this with us prior to the submission of your Tenancy Application Form as permission will need to be granted by the Landlord.




Smoking is not permitted in any of our properties.


Renewing Your Tenancy


There is a Tenancy Renewal Fee payable should you wish to extend your Tenancy, also payable on subsequent renewals/extension to the Tenancy Agreement.


Management Visits


Properties managed by SE Properties will be inspected periodically during the Tenancy.  The condition of the property will be checked, including the garden, and photographs taken which will be sent to your Landlord and then kept on file for the duration of the Tenancy.  We will contact you in advance by letter to schedule an appointment.  Should the appointment not be convenient to the tenant it is imperative that they make contact with our office to reschedule the appointment. Failure to allow access without prior notice will incur an administration fee for a wasted visit.


Tenancy Agreement


The Tenancy Agreement is made between Landlord and Tenant and not SE Properties who act as the Letting Agent only.




It is the Tenants responsibility to ensure that all personal belongings and furniture are covered for insurance purposes.  We advise that sufficient cover is arranged at the start of the Tenancy and would also advise that accidental damage cover is taken out in order to protect the Landlords’ property should it suffer damage as a result of a failure by the Tenant.


Inventory and Schedule of Condition


At the commencement of the Tenancy, an Inventory and Schedule of Condition Report will be prepared.  You will be given a copy of both the written and photographic inventories for you to scrutinize.  Once signed you are agreeing to the condition of the property when you took possession and will be expected to return the property in the same clean and tidy state in which you took it.


Tenancy Contract Appointment


On the day of signing your Tenancy Agreement and taking possession of the property, you will be asked to meet an agent at the property in order to test the smoke alarms.  This will also be your final opportunity to inspect the property prior to signing your Tenancy Agreement.  You will then meet the agent at our office to complete all necessary paperwork and collect your keys.  An agent will discuss all aspects of the Tenancy Agreement and will be able to answer any questions you have.  You will be given a copy of the current Gas Safety Certificate if applicable, a copy of the Energy Performance Certificate, The Deposit Protection Service Terms and Conditions and Prescribed Information relating to the Tenancy Deposit.

Whilst you are in the office we will contact the utility suppliers (i.e. gas, electric and water) and transfer the accounts into your name.  Meter readings taken during your inventory will be given to them and your accounts will be opened.  You will also have the opportunity to speak to the suppliers and set up your desired payment arrangements.  We will also notify the appropriate Council that you have moved in.

Please note that we do not arrange telephones, internet or TV Licencing.

Please allow at least two hours for the whole move in appointment.  If you have children they are more than welcome in our office.


Reporting Maintenance


All repairs and maintenance requests must be reported directly to our office either by telephone or email.  Your repair will be reported to your Landlord and we will follow their instructions with regard to appropriate action.  Please be aware that we are managing agents and do not have authority to authorise works without prior consent from your Landlord.

Your details may be passed to third party contractors who may contact you to arrange access.  If an appointment is made and assess is denied you will be charged for a wasted visit as per missed inspection charge.

Damage caused to property as a result of failing to report a repair becomes the responsibility of the tenant.


Requests to Decorate Or Make Alterations


All requests to make alterations to the property such as decorating, hanging pictures, mirrors or fitting TV’s to walls, must be made in writing.  They will then be forwarded to your Landlord for consent and will remain on file.  Please be aware that you may be asked to return the property to its original state upon the termination of your tenancy.


Giving Notice


One month’s written notice is required to terminate your tenancy.  Please see your Tenancy Agreement for further details.  We will then make arrangements to check the property prior to the keys being returned and will inform you of any remedial works we feel necessary in order for you to reclaim your full deposit.  Please be aware your Landlord will conduct the final inspection.


Fees & Charges


Application Fee per Adult



Tenancy Administration Fee



Inventory Check in Fee



Admin Fee for Late Rent, Missed Appointments, Breach of Contract



Copy of Documents: Tenancy Agreement, etc



Landlord Reference Fee