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First Time Landlords Top Tips

Investing In Property


These days everyone is looking for extra ways to make money or perhaps invest in their own personal pension scheme.  One of the most common is to purchase a buy-to-let property with the potential return often being greater than having funds sitting in high interest savings account.

In addition to a monthly rental income, you stand to gain from capital appreciation should the value of the property increase over the time it is let.


Making The First Step


The first step in becoming a landlord is finding the right property to invest in.  Our experienced and knowledgeable team are on hand to give you constructive advice and feedback on properties you may be interested in, from choosing the right area, to what kind of property you choose to buy, we will even accompany you on viewings!


Where To Invest?


Choosing the location of your property is key.  Keep in mind factors such as school catchment areas, proximity to local amenities such as hospitals, colleges and shopping centres and don’t forget the crime rates.  Ask yourself, would you want to live there?


Make The Best Of Your Property


We want your property to achieve the best rent possible so making a few home improvements could make all the difference when it comes to letting your property.


What About Pets?


Almost half of people in the UK own a pet.  Families especially are fond of furry friends so ruling them out as tenant’s limits your market considerably if your property happens to be a family home.  The decision whether to allow pets would be made on an individual basis taking the tenants circumstances and the property into consideration.


Choosing The Right Tenant


Here at SE Properties we do that for you.  We screen all tenants for suitability right from the very first contact.  We will carry out comprehensive checks including credit searches, landlord and employment references.  All our referencing is carried out in house, we do not outsource to other agencies allowing us to maintain full control of our tenant screening process.